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CZ 75/85 SP-01 SHADOW CZ 75 B Tactical Duty Leg Holster w/ Lock Block

Manufacturer: Dasta®



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Full specifications

  • professional tactical leg duty holster with auto security system;
  • durable material for service;
  • adjustable size;
  • very popular holster using by Czech special units police;
  • manufacturer: Dasta® Czech Republic.


Suitable for CZ 75/85, CZ 75 SP-01, CZ SP-01 Shadow, CZ 75 B





Auto Security System

1. automatic locking when handgun is holstered;

2. lock posibility of the safety locking press haos;

3. safety placed outside the etui naturally reachable and easy accessible with the index finger of the shooting hand;

4. placement of the unlocking press haos excludes complicated use or unpossible function of the safety, e.g. covering by the suit;

5. the unlocking press buton cover protects safety against unvoluntary movement;

6. suitable width and anatomic haose the unlocking press buton leads the index finger of the shooting hand out off the trigger and makes possible the safe and easy manipulation with the safety even for people with short or thick fingers;

7. till three independent duty holster safety can be made off at the same time by big and index finger of the shooting hand;

8. system of independent safety makes possible to haose the level of the gun safety in the holster from one to three.



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Views and questions VISITORS

Stevan Jovičin [141.8.100.*]

09.02.2021 19:25

Czech quality

Communication, shipping speed and most important quality of a product is on a highest level. All things comming from Czech Republic are genuine design, high quality of materials and just lovely craftmanship, my new holster is no exeption. It leave nothing to be desired and i can only recommend this product and this shop. Big well done! Greatings from Serbian from Malta.

Phil G [67.160.169.*]

06.10.2020 07:27

Awesome holster

I've received my holster today, very fast shipping from the Czech republic to the states. Even though I haven't put the holster to the field test yet, I can tell that it's not going to be any problems, the holster is very well made and didn't need any adjustments ,my sp01 tactical fits perfectly in the holster ,make a solid unit with multiple locking systems. Great job guys ,thank you

Collin Wilson [216.218.241.*]

09.04.2020 01:31

Amazing Holster & Fast Shipping

I bought this holster to go along with my plate carrier. It is serious quality. You 110% get your money's worth of excellent craftsmanship. I would highly recommend.