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Your own domain (ápoveda
Run your e-shop on your own domain. If you don't own domain yet, we can gladly help you with registration.
Disk space (hosting)Nápoveda
5 GB
Disk space on our servers for your online store data (images, e-mails etc..).
Traffic (monthly)Nápoveda
Unlimited traffic means, that your online store will not be limited by any FUP.
E-Mail addressesNápoveda
5x and more
Number of e-mail address for your electronic mail. You can manage email accounts in your administration.
Number of productsNápoveda
unlimited *
E-shop can contain unlimited number of products.
Graphic templatesNápoveda
You can choose from more than 270 graphic templates with possibility of editation. Change your design according to your imagination.
Customized designNápoveda
We'll be happy to create whole new original design for your online shop. Are you a designer? Then you can simply edit the template by yourself.
Automatic data backupNápoveda

Store – Products

Variants of productsNápoveda
Allow your customers to choose from more options.
Inform your customers about best-sellers on your e-shop.
Newly listedNápoveda
Inform your customers about the newly listed products on your e-shop.
Products on actionNápoveda
Inform your customers about products on discount. Offer your goods with action prices.
Second-hand goodsNápoveda
It's possible to mark your goods as "second-hand".
Related goodsNápoveda
Offer your customers few related goods to each of your products.
Attached files (doc, pdf, csv...)Nápoveda
Do you want to attach - for example - an user guide or any other document to your product? Let's do it easily in your administration!
Products filtersNápoveda
Easily filter your products by parameters in the administracion and on the online store.
SEO parameters of productsNápoveda
Customers can quickly find your product on the Internet, because you have the option to fill necessary information for search robots.
Attached photo and videoNápoveda
You can attach photos or video to every product.
Own product availabilityNápoveda
You can define your own availibility of every single product.
Labels (action, new, bestseller...)Nápoveda
Inform easily about new products, etc...
Product discussionNápoveda
Customers of your eshop have an option to discuss your products right on the product's page.
Adjustable parameters of the goods (height, width, length ...)Nápoveda
Inform your customers about parameters of your products.
Mass action (delete, move, copy, recalculate...)Nápoveda
You can edit your products properties easily thanks to mass changes.
Evidence of stocks of your assortment. For each product, you can enter the number that you currently have in stock and which the customer can order.
Stock historyNápoveda
Information about changes in your stock.
Offline editation with EDITESHOPNápoveda
Possibility to edit your eshop offline. It means that you can manage your products without any network connection.
Foreign currencies, multi-currencyNápoveda
For each product you can select and display simultaneously two different currencies.

Store – Orders

Managing of ordersNápoveda
Status of order is great tool for better orientation when you are working with orders. It makes your work quick, easy and efficient.
Orders filteringNápoveda
You can filter your orders by its statuses, new orders, finished orders...
Adjustable costs of transport by price / weightNápoveda
Possibility to set automatic recalculation transport prices by a selected amount, price, weight, etc.
Mass editationNápoveda
Possibility to process and edit orders using mass editing.
Generate and manage invoices (PDF or HTML)Nápoveda
Automatic invoice creating with possibility of editation.

Payment gates & delivery

PayPal online paymentNápoveda
PayPal is the internet payment system. It allows to transfer money between accounts, which is identified via e-mail addresses. Every account is connected with one or more payment cards.


On-line chat ZopimNápoveda
Communicate with your customers easily thanks to online chat.
Discount couponsNápoveda
You can offer discount cupons to your customers, give them motivation for next purchase.
Discount for registered customersNápoveda
Reward your registered customer with individual discount.
Survey creationNápoveda
Create and manage your own survey, you'll get valuable information from your customers.
Banner advertisement managmentNápoveda
You can insert your own banners like another form of promotion.
Client section for registered usersNápoveda
Your customers can see the history of their orders in your eshop.

Import of data

Import of products in CSVNápoveda
This function allows you to import products from CSV file.


File managerNápoveda
You can manage, add, change or delete your own data in file manager.
Creation of your own formsNápoveda
Create forms easilly, f.e. order form, questionnaire form, etc...
Pictures/products rotatorNápoveda
Create animation for your products and services.
Social networks supportNápoveda
You can attach Facebook, Twitter modules to your e-shop.
Online graphic template editationNápoveda
Administration contains module for easy editation of chosen graphic template. You can easily change design of your store.
CSS styles editationNápoveda
Are you experienced in CSS? It's not a problem to change your design even more, thanks to CSS.
Creating and managing of e-mail accounts Nápoveda
Create and manage your e-mail accounts easily in your administration.
Expert modeNápoveda
Expert mode allows you to switch your administration into ergonomic and more advanced layout.
Password restricted accessNápoveda
You can protect some/all parts of your store with password.

Analytics tools

Transparent statisticsNápoveda
You can find transparent statistics in administration, lot of graphs and datas. Stay informed about visitors, profitability of your store, etc...
PIWIK - detailed analysisNápoveda
PIWIK is an analytics tool, it works in real time, provides detailed reports about your visitors (keywords, language...)

SEO optimalization

Own name, description and keywords for whole e-shop.Nápoveda
Important information for your store to be easily found.
Own name, description and keywords for single products.Nápoveda
Important information for your products to be easily found.
Own name, description and keywords for every single category.Nápoveda
Important information for your products to be easily found.
Automatic generation of Sitemap.xmlNápoveda
Useful for easy and quick orientation for search engine robots like google, yahoo, etc..
Possibility to edit robots.txt fileNápoveda
You can control rules for search engine robots.
SEO/Marketing info sectionNápoveda
Knowledge base about basics of marketing, how to run successful store, how to boost your offers and services.

Technical support

Phone supportNápoveda
Do you need our help? Our professional technical support is ready to help you.
E-Mail supportNápoveda
Feel free to send us an email, we will always help you.
Authorized questionNápoveda
You can find authorized questions in your administration - you can quickly communicate with technical support.
On-line chat ZopimNápoveda
You can chat with us on this site.
* If your e-shop contains 40 000 products or even more, we can not guarantee