We are here to help you!

Do you need our assistance with creating of new online store? How to start bussines and fill your store with products? How to get more customers? Or do you just need more information? Our professional technical support is ready to help you via phone or e-mail. Don't hesitate with any question, feel free to ask for anything, we will always help you.


How can I create new online store?

It's really easy. Just click on the button "Create new shop" below. After filling out all of required fields, you will receive an e-mail with login credentials to your new online store.

How can i upgrade trial to the full operation?

Just click on the button "Order the full operation" in your administration. After that, fill out required fields in application form. Invoice and payment information will be sent to your registration e-mail.

When I upgrade to the full operation, will i loose all the data that i have saved in a trial?

Of course not. All data that you've entered in the trial version remain and are automatically transferred to the full operation.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, of course. If you already have your own domain registered, just fill the name of your domain to the application form. You can also use 3D domain (subdomains). Contact our technical support for more information and technical data.

Can I use my own domain in test version?

No. You can use your domain in a full operation only.

Is it possible to use my own webhosting?

No, we are only renting our store system, not selling it. The whole system stays on our hosting (it's already included in final price).

How can I create new email addresses?

New email accounts can be created easily in your store administration after the domain is connected.

We want to change graphics layout according to our ideas, is it possible?

It is possible to modify graphics layout according to your ideas, its really easy. If you need unique layout, contact our design department, we will gladly help you.