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The Bitters company was founded in 2013, building on the international experience of its founders. The company specialises in the production of its own healthy energy products based on its long-term business experience from abroad. Products are manufactured in carefully selected factories worldwide with thorough and expert testing of functionality and quality.

The company's first product - Bitters Original 100 mg, which is still most popular and effective with our customers, was the most difficult product both in terms of the length of development and its successful introduction to the Czech and international market, because the world was not ready for a product of this kind. This was evidenced by the fact that leading global manufacturers of chewing gums tried to produce energy chewing gums in the past without much success. Our company managed to create an effective core enclosed inside the chewing gum. This core is made of specially pressed caffeine, which gave the company its name Bitters, because caffeine is very bitter. As the founders wanted to preserve the purity, strength and immediate effect of this substance used by our ancestors in the past, they did not use any additives to make the product less bitter, which would mean that "Bitters" no longer had the desired effect. Our customers therefore had to get used to the bitter flavour of the chewing gum, which disappears after a while and all that is left is the mint flavour of the chewing gum.

Today, the Bitters product range includes seven types of chewing gum with various flavours, strengths and sizes. In 2017, the company expanded its range with additional products that have become popular with customers. The product range includes pressed sweets with taurine and caffeine in various flavours. A leading global manufacturer produces the company's unique dried meat sold under the brand name Bitters Energy Jerky with added caffeine and newly with guarana under strict technological supervision. Another addition to the company's product range - Bitters Fit Shirataki – noodles, made from the Konjac root, are an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle owing to their low calorie content.

We believe that our products are ideal for anyone looking for extra energy and interested in a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to continuing innovation and seeking new additions to our range of products and bringing our customers new, successful foods and supplements.

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