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Professional Concealed Funny Pack w/ Two Cases - CZ Universal

Manufacturer: Dasta®



Product no.: 0527
51.99 USD

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Full specifications

Designed for All CZ Models to maximum barrel size 5“


  • made in Czech republic;
  • manufacturer: Dasta® Czech Republic;
  • tactical fanny pack for concealed carry;
  • adjustable size;
  • front pocket with 2 small pockets;
  • tactical quick release with one hand;
  • double sided - for left and right-handed;
  • two side pockets for equipment;
  • in open pocket space for handgun and 2 magazines;
  • material: Nylon - padded;
  • fastening with a belt strap, which can also be secured to the belt;
  • colour options: black, grey, blue.


Views and questions VISITORS

joe Falzone [.*]

19.06.2021 03:32

wrong hip pouch holster

Recently I purchased a hip pouch holster from you. It's somewhat awkward. I wanted to have the belt clasp in the front while having the holster on my right side. The only way I can have the clasp in the front is if I put the holster on the left side. Since I'm right-handed, and didn't even offer the option to pick right-handed or left-handed, it has been an awkward situation at best. So, in order to have the hip holster on my right side, I need to clasp the belt then spin the holster around so the clasp ends up on my back side. This is awkward and I'm tired of dealing with it. I don't wish to return this holster because with shipping, it would not be cost-effective for YOU. Why wasn't I given an option for a right or left handed hip carry pouch? Really what I want is a special deal on another holster exactly the same, but for a right-handed person. Another words, I end up paying more money, and you end up making nothing off of this second transaction. Give it to me for your cost please,, since this mishap is your fault. Hopefully you understand the situation I've described and are willing to work with me. I've left you my email address, so please feel free to correspond so we can work something out. I like the holster, it just isn't for a right-handed person. Thanks